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Phone Scam: John Cena

Nov 30, 2012|

Nick phone scams a listeners wife after she yelled at him for ordering pay-per-view wrestling without her permission...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's he's busy morning soup -- -- -- easy morning usually online iTunes and one of dot com all right let's get to this week's bone scan. The family are recorded and. Be careful in answering that call include. Loan scam. -- -- got the phone scam this two week this. Any guy that's a couple things you really need to know about wrestling WW wrestling and number one he kicks ass. And number two John Sina. That the attack at a us as at a pretty is -- Johnson and you know he's appealing guy he's a former marine. OK and no matter turned wrestler that's my thought you would like -- Yeah a wrestler already went. When John -- comes into the race now he has his own theme song. And this is the theme song -- Every time we played us a busy morning Jimmy chase are jumping around like fighting. That's just Justine is seen as the pizza comes. -- -- -- -- so we got email for our phones get Friday and you can email us tunic and he would afford a country should do it over account shag is even forgot. Potts is -- -- zero love the show is wondering if you guys could phones came my wife Marie but -- this guy's name is Donnie Donnie and Marie sort out way and I got up. -- -- -- -- -- a little bit -- crap about that anyways what we got down to. And that a couple of weeks ago I ordered WW wrestling pay per view survivor series. And my wife flicked. He said she came in the room and yelled at me and said change it I'm missing my shows -- some what shows he said revenge. And homeland and -- my mom he said I can't change it she's a winner is that it's paper deal. He said at that point. She proceeded DLB for the next hour about ordering pay per view wrestling on our television. I tried to explain to -- how kickass Debbie Debbie wrestling is she didn't get the picture may be a -- -- would help. So we are going to get well we. We we did we call. Donny's wife Marie swear to god are we tried to sell her on the virtues of WWE rustling and it didn't exactly work out very well you -- -- a hundred -- -- I certainly did that a here's this week's host can't check it out. Don't. And just one question for you. Are you ready. And they are ready for wet food that. We're just good to. -- I'm sorry no there's not any campus -- -- ever gonna have -- bring in the house again thank you but now. Good day. Hello. And -- -- to -- on steady jobs. Ten dollars. Thirty guys to call me and as I mentioned before we're not ordering that the please stop calling my house -- thank you and it's nice to. Wow. How can I speak to champ. -- Champ. Is champ there. Can't. -- Hey there until he isn't it calling my house. They're calling -- the -- well -- -- Tripoli to the big cell in us slot may break out -- -- really don't always do that. My -- I know you've got screaming in your little guy Glenn whoever that is not enough money five -- not injured -- -- following my seeing how to. How long. I'm watching you. Yeah. That's exactly. The undertaker to -- jobs. Stop calling my. I see your number I won't. Now that. Purely to hear you. -- -- -- -- -- we need to be crazy like -- -- All going over the Atlantic happening and it's. I swear. To -- that's -- and it doesn't rumbling again. Okay good morning I have tiny I'm just calling this morning to ask if your supporter of the united states military. Oh my god I apologize we've been getting calls all morning right eye contact and yet. Yeah I am during are you a supporter of the Marine Corps yes absolutely ungodly. Drain because -- former decorated member of the United States Marine Corps needs your support. It's it's. Do you. Yeah. Yeah. 99 in the. I can't believe it. -- sort out publicly and -- You have a collect call from. Will you accept the charges. And. Calling it. Stared at. Any -- and you'll beat out -- -- -- Is. This. Can't -- us and thanks. I. Guess it won't be out at. Us. -- -- -- -- -- -- So I'm going through it cool and actually check and I am going Italy and true thing. Oh and it calling to lead and good luck here at night came and -- And we'll talk about. It Marie Marie this is busy morning -- who -- My view of -- Dario. What we then what. We believe -- can't meet you here. I. Listen now I -- I haven't gotten a copy watching. So yeah I know who lives -- now we won't be calling you back any more prominent pink sheets you'll never hear what you wanna do this. Wish you -- -- and I can't I would I would I would gonna go to jail. I Qaeda I would -- -- bad.